Costa Concordia Grounding and Salvage Efforts

The Costa Concordia cruise ship was in a grounding and partially sank off the shore of the Italian island of Giglio on Jan. 13 2012. The Costa Concordia listed over after hitting a reef when the ship was taken to close to shore.  The 114,000 gross tonnes ship listed over and most of it has been lying submerged since the tragedy. Thirty-two passengers and crew members died with two bodies yet to be recovered.

The company that owns the Costa Concordia, Costa Cruises has put up the website detailing the progress of the salvage operation to refloat the ship,  along with Titan Salvage, the American company who, with the Italian company Micoperi, are refloating the ship. It's viewable at .   

The word parbuckling is being used to describe what the companies are doing to the ship, raising it up so that it can be refloated and towed away to a port for scrapping. The website uses illustrations to show the world exactly how, in steps, Titan Salvage and Micoperi intend to anchor the ship and place caissons underneath it and, ultimately, raise it up. The process is well underway and they hope to have the ship refloated by the spring.

Here are other sites that show information about the ship sinking.