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Portable Equipment for DC, FF, PPE and NBC is divided into the following categories: Leak Stopping (Piping); Leak Stopping (Structure); Shoring aids; Water Removal, Portable pumps, Hoses and Adapters; Misc Equipment and Tools; Smoke Removal and Containment; Thermal Imagers and Firefighting Extinguishers; Firefighting Nozzles, Hoses, Adapters and Foam Producers; DC/FF Protective  Clothing and Breathing Devices; Personnel Protection Equipment (PPE); Life jackets and Floatation Devices; NBC Protective Equipment;

Leak Stopping (Piping):

NL_Straub.jpg (17553 bytes) NL_Bandit3.jpg (12786 bytes) NL_Wrapping.jpg (10789 bytes)

Leak Stopping (Structure):

NL_Props.jpg (16058 bytes) NL_Splintertray.jpg (17954 bytes) NL_Splinterplate.jpg (16226 bytes)

Shoring aids:

NL_Measuring-rod.jpg (9505 bytes) NL_Universal Shore.jpg (8941 bytes) NL_Shores.jpg (13548 bytes) NL_LST-bar Clamp.jpg (11885 bytes)
NL_Hatchclamp.JPG (15353 bytes)        

Water Removal, Portable pumps, Hoses and Adapters:

NL_Eductor.jpg (13030 bytes) NL_Diesel Pump.jpg (19951 bytes)

Misc Equipment and Tools:

NL_Welding Equipment.jpg (13585 bytes) NL_Hydraulic Power Pack.jpg (15683 bytes) NL_Hydraulic Tools.jpg (15248 bytes) NL_Hydraulic Spreader.jpg (18188 bytes) nl_Mobile_diesel-driven_ fire-fighting_pump.jpg (30052 bytes)
nl_Fire_blanket.jpg (7555 bytes)        

Smoke Removal and Containment:

NL_Ventilator2.jpg (21768 bytes)

Thermal Imagers and Fire Extinguishers:

nl_AFFF_Extinguisher_NWPF_45_.jpg (14267 bytes) nl_Foamite_CO2_extinguisher_.jpg (8410 bytes) nl_PG9_Dry-powder_extinguisher_.jpg (19180 bytes)  

Fire Fighting Nozzles, Hoses, Adapters and Foam producers

nl_S(E)8_Middle_foam_nozzle_.jpg (4435 bytes)

DC/FF Protective Clothing and Breathing Devices:

NL_Drysuit.jpg (16080 bytes)

Personnel Protective Equipment:

Life jackets and Floatation Devices:

NBC Protective Equipment: